AARON BRANDO holds a Masters Degree in Education and loves the art of crafting pedagogy in a non-codified system such as Contact Improvisation. His love for movement brought him to Earthdance. where he spent 6 months in residence, and trained with master teachers such as: Martin Keogh, Chris Aiken, and Nancy Stark Smith. As a community organizer in Northampton, MA Brando has helped sustain the improvisation dance culture. He facilitates ongoing dance events, classes and offers master classes at local institutions such as Smith College, Springfield College, Pioneer Valley Performing Arts High School, Amherst Regional HS, and Earthdance. He teaches workshops throughout North America as well as internationally. In 2016 Brando together with dancers, Shura Baryshnikov, Paul Singh, Bradley Teal Ellis, and Sarah Konner founded a Contact Improvisation Research and Performance ensemble called SetGO. The group has taught and performed at Universities and dance festivals throughout the USA. His fascination with the moving body, inspired him to complement his dance training with more anatomical specificity. In 2014, he completed the year-long training in Anatomy Trains Structural Integration with renowned anatomist, Tom Myers. Brando is a certified Structural Integration practitioner with practices in Northampton and Boston.




DELICIOUS! You provided centered authentic witnessing in order to create a flow in motion that built upon the mechanics of technique
Thank you, I really got it!
Brando’s clarity lightness methodical weaving together of simple things to then prepare us for take-off
I appreciate the way Brando breaks things down - very methodically and connects with physics, developmental and anatomical principles
Brando’s explanation of details is just right… not too much or two little
Brando offered a gentle way of teaching. I find the peaceful atmosphere it created in class helped me relax even more and enjoy exploring my space and my partners space.
Attention to detail awakening awareness of what is happening and movement patterns so delicious!
His scores are very informative as well as nourishing
I want to thank you for that rich class on Saturday!  You and Alyssa make a great team.  I really appreciated the container that was held, the clarity of your teaching, and the invitations that were a bit edgy + ended up being incredibly opening.